Doctor Who: Flashing Blade Podcast
A nonsense of Doctor Who, Science Fiction, some music and general chat and sillyness, featuring Siobhan Gallichan, Steve Hatcher, Ian Parkes and Doctor Augustus Julius Sinister IV.
The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-72

Situation Vacant. Sarah Jane Smith and those pesky kids. No dog. Awww. There's a few halloween tracks at the end, so look out for Buffy, Angel and... well.. you'll see.... THIS SHOW FEATURES FELINE CHAOS!


A Word on the sound quality.

Tony is testing out a new sound set up. So, during this show he

a) is getting used to a new Mic. and

b) every single bit of noise made by his cats is picked up and broadcast to the entire world!

We apologise.



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