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The Flashing Blade Podcast Interview Special 1 - Glenn McCoy Have a Christmas treat.

Earlier this year, Tony interviewed Glenn McCoy - the writer of, wait for it... Timelash!!!! at the Whooverville convention.

That interview is now placed here for your edification and delight...

The DVD itself is avaliable from the Whoovers' website: It's three discs and includes interviews with all sorts of people, including THE Colin Baker...

Lots more to come in the next couple of weeks including part one of our Gary Russell interview, the TCE Dr Who Theatre's Logopolis, a podcast or two where Jo! and Tony discuss that End of Time thingy... And then there's the surprise.....

heh, heh and indeed.... heh..

All feedback including your reviews of The End Of Time to

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Dalek Empire IX - Mr Dalek and the Year of the Gap. It’s Christmas! A special time for little Daleks everywhere. To celebrate this we proudly present a new Mr Dalek Adventure on our podcast feed.

This new exciting story, written by long time Mr Dalek fan, Benjamin F Elliot, and narrated by Tony Gallichan is published, in audio form, for the first time today: Mr Dalek and the Year of the Gap.


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Dalek Empire 7 - Mr Dalek Invades Trumptonshire Gasp in horror as the residents of Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley face their end.... Mr Dalek decides to expand his horizons... Who can save those poor people now....And is it true he likes a drop of home brewed cider...?
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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-29 Series greetings, yes?

Well, we, er, slightly overdid it - got carried away by the <insert holiday of your choice> spirit.

So, expect a chat about K9 And Company, the debut of Ask Professor Dave, a shed load of feedback, including Chinn and Wyn ( They're a music hall speciality act, so that nice Mr Jago tells me...), a few surprises including warming words about The End Of Time by....  (don't worry, no spoilers) and, of course, the Official Carol of the New Adventures.... Oh... and there's some important news.....

We'll be away for the holiday period, coming back at the start of the New Year. Expect one or two changes - including interviews with Andrew Cartmell and Gary Russell...

Whilst we're away we have, for you, Dalek Empires Seven and Nine - Mr Dalek Invades Trumptonshire; and Mr Dalek and the Year Of The Gap, all four episodes of the TCE Dr Who Theatre's 'Logopolis' and an interview with Glenn McCoy - author

Back with a review of The End Of Time....

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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-28 This time around Jo! gets all misty eyed over Peter Davison in a towel, Tony has a chat with composer and muscian, Danny Stewart about Doctor Who themes past and present, and we premier Danny's latest mix of the theme. We also have the remix of the theme to The Trial Of A Time Lord - something very special indeed....

Next time, it's the obligatory Christmas/Insert holiday of your choice here, episode, where we look at K9 and Company and, well...quite a few little surprises lined up.....

all feedback including what you want for Christmas and how you think Tennant will do the big glowy thingy to

This addy can also be used if you have any questions for Gary Russell and Andrew Cartmel who we will be interviewing very shortly.....
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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-27 Join us as we have a Space Adventure - in space! (No goats though - shame). This time around we look at Tomb of the Cybermen, Professor Dave discusses Dreamland, and theres plenty of feedback. Next time, a slightly different edition devoted to an interview with...someone.... And just before the holidays we will, quite rightly, be looking at K9 And Company - Yippeeeee!!

All feedback including what you want for Christmas and how you think Tennant will snuff it, to

With thanks to Luke Pietnik.

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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-26 This time around we look at the somewhat scrumptious Big Finish audio 'Circular Time'. There's also the last of Professor-Dave-With-No-Last-Name's feedback on 'Xylok And The Dog', Chinn from the Ministery waddles into view and theres a load of your feedback.. Enjoy.

Feedback to
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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-25 Time for Martian shenannigans in the Waters Of Mars. Plenty of feedback, including some from Chinn (from the Ministry, don't you know?), Wyn and Professor Dave-With-No-Last-Name, and Tony comes face to face with the longest piece of audio feedback he's ever had in his podcasting career. You have been warned...
Coming soon, Circular Time, Tomb Of The Cybermen, The Castle Of Fear and K9 and Company..

All feedback to
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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-24 This time around, entropy increases as Jo! and Tony chant block transfer computations about Logopolis. And there's feedback including strange things from Wyn and Professor Dave-with-no-last-name, and the debut of the TCE Doctor Who Theatre. Send your reviews of The Waters Of Mars and the Sarah Jane Adventures to
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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-23 Hrrmmmf!

hello there... Ok, number 23, eh? Goodness... anyway, this time around we look at the first Paul McGann audio, Storm Warning and compare Charlies, we have more SJA feedback by Professor Dave-With-No-Last-Name, a memo from Chinn at the Ministry and plenty more feedback.

Next time, Logopolis...

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