Doctor Who: Flashing Blade Podcast
A nonsense of Doctor Who, Science Fiction, some music and general chat and sillyness, featuring Siobhan Gallichan, Steve Hatcher, Ian Parkes and Doctor Augustus Julius Sinister IV.
The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-72

Situation Vacant. Sarah Jane Smith and those pesky kids. No dog. Awww. There's a few halloween tracks at the end, so look out for Buffy, Angel and... well.. you'll see.... THIS SHOW FEATURES FELINE CHAOS!


A Word on the sound quality.

Tony is testing out a new sound set up. So, during this show he

a) is getting used to a new Mic. and

b) every single bit of noise made by his cats is picked up and broadcast to the entire world!

We apologise.



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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-71

The Androids of Tara! Cobwebs! Xylok and the Dog! Lots of guests! Too many exclamation marks simply to annoy Lillibet!!!! Feedback to

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From the DWPA - Doctor Who Live and the SJA Premier.

Ok, recently several members from the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance were lucky enough to attend  Doctor Who Live and the Sarah Jane Adventures premier of Death of the Doctor.  Contained in this here podcast are the thoughts of Professor Dave, James from ADWP, Adam and So-Called Real Keith from Staggering Stories as well as a burst of Luke from TMDWP. Enjoy.

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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-70

The Simularity Engine (that yer actual Jago and Litefoot, don't cha know!), Legend of the Cybermen (that's yer actual THE Colin Baker, don't cha know!) as well as some eighties signature tunes... Feedback to

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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-69

Hiccups! They can strike without warning. See if you can guess which one of your Flashing Blade hosts suffered from hiccups during the recording of this episode. It's very, VERY well hidden. Anyway, bring on those dark, autumn evenings and The Stones Of Blood. And due to a request, we fly around the plent and interview only the rich and famous.... Feedback please to  DUR: 1:18:47

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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-68

This time around, Comedy Bob and an exhausted Tony have a look at the third Jago and Litefoot play, 'The Spirit Trap'. Tony goes off on one about the new dal..da...Teletubbies, there's a very fragmented commentary on The Age Of Steel by Tony, and right at the very end there's a small tribute to Geoffrey Burgon. Feedback to

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