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A nonsense of Doctor Who, Science Fiction, some music and general chat and sillyness, featuring Siobhan Gallichan, Steve Hatcher, Ian Parkes and Doctor Augustus Julius Sinister IV.
The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-116 Doctor Who Podcast

It's our Christmas show.. a little, er, late.. um...

So, have a review of The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe, the extended mix of Let's Save Confidential (lots of Xmassy wishes from podcasters), the full theme to The Box Of Delights, lots of outtakes featuring a LOT of people and.. a Christmas Carol written by Doctor Sinister... the GIT!

oh... and you finally get to find out just what is going on......

Change my dear. And it seems not a moment has been prepared for....

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Dalek Empire XI - The Twenty throod of Novemby

Yes, it's Mr Dalek time again - and this time, Ben Elliot's story has been translated by John Ranson into the Basic Engly Twentyfido, as lovingly created by Professor Stanley Unwin.

Deep joy

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The Flashing Blade Podcast - 1-115 Doctor Who Podcast

Its the end of an error!

And we look at the last Jago and Litefoot story of series two!

Change my dear. And it seems not a moment has been prepared for!

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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-114 Doctor Who Podcast

On Tony's penultimate episode he looks at Revelation of the Daleks, Viki appears to be on the phone to discuss it. Or it could just be a bit of dodgy sound quality. There's Fast Show/Doctor Who sketches. And a huge amount of cat interference.

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The Flashing Blade Podcast -1-113 - Doctor Who Podcast

Viki meets Timelash. Oh. Tony is back. Oh dear.

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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-112 Doctor Who Podcast

the child and Viki have a natter about Who stuff. And things. Which is nice.

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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-111

So, while the cats away......

Bob and Viki listen to some Big Finishes. Bob edits. Viki pines for Tony. (Look, I'm writing this, I'm allowed!)


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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-110 Doctor Who Podcast

The Wedding of River Song. Oh, and there may be cherry pie, damn fine coffee and a log...

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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-109 - Doctor Who Podcast

Well, we got there eventually! Tech problems and the death of the internet could not stop this show - somehow we managed to get it out!

Tony, Viki and a highly confrontationa and argumentative B*b look at The God Complex and Closing Time.

And there's a little news about the Blade's future - Don' Panic!

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The Flashing Blade Podcast - 1-108 - Doctor Who Podcast

Join the Servalan of Doctor Who podcasting, as well as his minions as they look at Night Terrors and The Girl Who Waited. With added Prof Dave, Lillibet and the superb Children of Time.

You fool, Travis!

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