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The Flashing Blade Podcast Interview Special Number Nine: Paddy Kingsland

At last! At last Tony gets to talk with Paddy Kingsland - the man behind some beautiful musical scores for Doctor Who, Hitchiker's Guide and, ooh, lots more. Tony's been waiting over 30 years for this. Oh dear.

Contained within are memories about The BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Hitchikers, Doctor Who, The Generic Sci-Fi Quarry, the Workshop's live gig at The Roundhouse and much more...


With many thanks to Dr Phil from Adventures In Time, Space And Music for inviting us in on this.

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A Flashing Blade Natter With Dr Phil Serna.mp3

A short time ago, Doctor Phil Serna, from the Adventures In Time, Space And Music podcast, got in touch with Tony and asked him if he'd like to interview Paddy Kingsland. Now, regular views of The Flashing Blade Podcast will be aware that Tony has a slight... Hmm... liking for said composer.


Tony agreed.


What you have hear is the pre-match waffle. A chat between Tony and Dr. Phil about Paddy, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and music in Doctor Who.


For added musical ambience, listen to this on Phil's site, when he releases it shortly...


Next: The Paddy Kingsland Interview - coming soon....


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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-79

A Christmas Carol gets a look see by Jo! and, well, er... Not-Bob. You see, Bob sort of varnished.... Anyway, Tony is there. Thats good, isn't it? I said 'isn't it?????'



Ah, suit yerselves!

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