Doctor Who: Flashing Blade Podcast
A nonsense of Doctor Who, Science Fiction, some music and general chat and sillyness, featuring Siobhan Gallichan, Steve Hatcher, Ian Parkes and Doctor Augustus Julius Sinister IV.
The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-140

An hour of Big Finish LOVE.

Bob and Steve look at Dark Eyes and UNIT: Dominion,

The result? Big Finish get the greatest compliment Doctor Who fans can possibly give...

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The Flashing Blade Podcast - 1-139 Doctor Who Podcast

Have an interview with Director Kevin Jon Davies. He and Siobhan waffle about The Making of The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Thirty Years In The Tardis and Jon Pertwee looking like Margaret Rutherford in a microwave...

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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-138 Doctor Who Podcast

Siobhan and Security Commander Sinister start the obligatory 'one story per doctor per month', as featured in every podcast IN THE WORLD, EVER!!!!

However, they are looking at the worst story of each Doctor. There will be pain, blood and tears before November...

Also, Brian reviews The First Sontarans

Also, there is a dramatic reading from Doctor Who and the Zarbi!!!

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The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-137 Doctor Who Podcast

Have an action packed opening. Then three people talking about Doctor Who. Yup, it's the Snowmen. er, what they're talking about, not the people doing the talking. Though that would be quite cool. No pun intended. Yeah, The Snowmen podcast. Hmm.....

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