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The Flashing Blade's Adventure With The Wife In Space.mp3

As Siobhan is a lazy cow, she decied to give everyone the week off.

So, have instead a special edition of the Blade. This was recorded for Neil and Sue Perryman, from the Adventures With The Wife In Space blog. As They had looked at Davies' More Then Thirty years In The TARDIS telly prog, we thought it only fair that Davies had right of reply. 

WARNING: contains naughty words.

Do please have a read of the blog. It's hilarious. I mean, fancy teaming up with someone who doesn't know much about Doctor Who and then putting the results out on the internet....

Actually, out of interest, just what DID happen to Jo!?


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Doctor Who - The Flashing Blade Podcast 1-153


Or our review of Cold War.

Not sure which, to be honest.

Also, The Library at Alexandria is reviewed.

It meant something to them....

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The Flashing Blade Podcast - 1-152 - Doctor Who Podcast

BIG Show! Davies and Siobhan review 'The Life And Scandalous Times Of John Nathan-Turner'. Davies and Doctor Sinister look at Big Finish's 'Seeds Of War'.

And Bob learns a harsh lesson about being careful what you wish for as Siobhan joins him and Steve to review 'The Rings Of Akhenaten. Pity poor Adric....

There's also a new competition to win all three of the new BBC Books' Eleventh Doctor novels...

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The Flashing Blade Podcast - 1-51 - Doctor Who Podcast

THE Flashing Blade Podcast! First with THE news, first with THE reviews. First with...


No, we ain't really, are we?

Have a review of The Bells Of St. John. Have one of The Scorchies! OOH! Have one of The Rosemarriners!

And in the end, Henson and Benton.

THE Flashing Blade Podcast. It's A Doctor Who podcast!

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Who Romantic?

Well.. not to take advantage of 'Cold War'.. much... Anyway, have a version of the Doctor Who theme with references to Duran Duran, Band Aid and, yes, Ultravox. It's a VERY early track from Siobhan, so it's a bit rough n ready.

The new show will be out tomorrow.

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The Flashing Blade Podcast; Series One, Number One Hundred And Fifty - Doctor Who Podcast

It's our 150th show! How in the name of Bod did this happen!!!??????

Britain's chief walrus polisher, Toby Hadoke, joins us to look at Underworld and the Tom Baker years.

Bob n Steve talk 'War Against The Laan' and 'The Justice Of Jalxar'.

And Toby judges our 'Design a new series Quark' competition.

feedback to

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